Stericup Sterile colored w/Filter Swab and HandleAPO1 118 99.

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Stericup - Sterile Colored Cooker

  • Packaging: Individual sterile blister pack.
  • Composition: 2.5 ml aluminium sterile spoon.
  • Properties: Reduce harms arising from the sharing and re-use of mixing spoons, such as the transmission of hepatitis B and C and HIV, as well as abscess, endocarditis and cellulitis from bacterial contamination. Encourages the adoption of an aseptic mixing and injecting technique.Indications: Prevention of infections related to the sharing of spoons used in the preparation of drug-mixes. Promote the single-use of spoons. Helps reduce risk of infections arising from the sharing, borrowing and re-use of mixing spoons.
  • Cautions: Never touch the inside of the Stericup® with your fingers: any bacteria, fungi or infectious viruses such as the Hepatitis C Virus (i.e. in traces of blood) that are present on the surface of the skin may contaminate a drug-mix being prepared for IV injection. Never share or drown-up after someone has used the spoon. Even if it has been cleaned, the spoon can contain viruses from someone elses syringe, filter, water or fingers. One shot is all it takes to get infected! Never re-use.
  • Directions for use: Push on the Stericup® handle to take it out of its blister pack, being careful to avoid touching the inside of the cup. Fit the Stericup®s handle into the cap of the Becton-Dickinson® syringe, in order to protect the users fingers from burns when the Stericup is heated.
  • For use with other kinds of syringes, Stericup® is supplied with a sterile plastic handle to protect users from the heating of the metal during the cooking process.