ID Guessing Game for Pillows (No Product)

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ID Guessing Game - NEW LOOK!

  • The ID Guessing Game tabletop game can be borrowed or purchased.
  • Generate attention and fun at group fairs, conferences and events! This game is a great way to open the conversation about condoms and use of lubricant in an entertaining way!
  • The game is a 27-inch tall free standing attractive and colorful "Bottle"-shaped display of ID Lubricants pillows. Let people guess how many pillows are in the container and give a prize to the winner! We even supply you with the prize!
  •  The winner receives a 17 oz. bottle of ID Glide Lubricant, which we ship to you with the game free of charge. We ship you the game, the prize, the pillows to go inside, and small entry forms for your patrons to write their guess. 
  • To borrow the Guessing Game: Upon return of the display and pillows (you pay the freight), we issue a credit memo against the invoice and refund your deposit.
  • To purchase the Guessing Game and/or pillows: Pay the relevant invoice.We invoice you (O.A.C. or with credit card deposit) $200.00 for the game, and $100.00 for the pillows. On the invoice or packing slip we note the actual number of pillows sent to you.