Female Pelvis Contraceptive Demonstration Model Single

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Female Pelvic Contraceptive Model

  • There are some things people simply shouldn't try without practicing first and using a female contraceptive device is one of them. Learning to properly insert a female condom, diaphragm, cervical cap, contraceptive sponge, or spermicide takes time, and this easy-to-use economical BIOLIKE 2 model provides everything needed for mastering the correct techniques. A small cutaway "window" helps users see whether the cervix is adequately covered. Contraceptives not included. 4½" x 2½" x 3".
  • A cross section of the female pelvis for demonstrating placement and removal of the FEMALE CONDOM and contraceptives. This demonstrator is most effective for one on one or small group demonstrations and not recommended for large group demonstrations. (This item should not be placed on newsprint or laser printed material as the latex will absorb the print ink.) (1 each)